The “Auditor” of “Truth Social” Misspelled His Own Name 14 Different Ways in Filings

The “Auditor” of “Truth Social” Misspelled His Own Name 14 Different Ways in Filings
The "Auditor" of "Truth Social" Misspelled His Own Name 14 Different Ways in Filings

Only the best people.

Speling Is Hard

The head of the accounting firm in charge of keeping track of the former president’s Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which owns the far-right social media platform Truth Social, is astonishingly bad at typing out his own name.

As the Financial Times reports, Ben F Borgers, whose accountancy firm was hired by TMTG in 2022, misspelled his name 14 different ways in filings with the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) — including “Ben F Brogers,” “Blake F Borgers,” “Ben F Vonesh,” and “Ben F orgers.”

Worse yet, the firm already has a lengthy track record of failing to meet regulatory standards, which given the nature of Trump’s flailing attempt at a social network probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody.

Better Call Ben

But at least you’d expect Borgers to be able to spell his own name.

“If multiple names are due to careless mistakes and lack of attention, then how can we trust him concerning his attention to the audits that he has to supervise,” University of Oklahoma accounting professor Agnes Cheng told the FT.

Borgers has already had plenty of run-ins with regulators, failing to meet standards on a number of occasions. His firm has clearly taken on far more than it can chew, with Borgers becoming the most “prolific individual auditor of US public companies,” per the FT, with TMTG being just one of 170 companies the accountancy has signed.

Besides not being able to spell his own name, Borgers already has a track record of violating auditor rules, with the PCAOB finding several deficiencies in every audit by the firm it reviewed over the last two years.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Trump administration seriously damaged the PCAOB during its tenure, with senators urging the Securities Exchange Commission to replace its members.

Besides careless accounting, Trump’s social media bet has been under heavy scrutiny for a while now. Ever since TMTG merged with a blank check acquisition company last month, the company’s astronomically overvalued shares have tanked, raising plenty of questions.

Most recently, TMTG CEO Devin Nunes threw up his hands, accusing Wall Street of unfairly betting against the troubled Truth Social parent company.

Meanwhile, Trump is still poised to get away with well over a billion dollars, which would conclude his highly controversial stock-driven cash grab.

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The "Auditor" of "Truth Social" Misspelled His Own Name 14 Different Ways in Filings

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