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Raspberry Pi adds more memory to the Compute Module 4S • The Register

Raspberry Pi adds more memory to the Compute Module 4S • The Register

New memory variants were this week launched for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module family. Customers can now specify a 4S with 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB, as well as the original 1GB version.

The Compute Module 4S turned up earlier this year and was aimed squarely at industrial users. The Compute Module 4 appeared in 2020 with a changed form factor. Its predecessor would plug into a DDR2-SODIMM connector – although it should most definitely not be confused with memory – but the CM4 changed things up a bit.

However, there are plenty of customers who would have been more than happy to have a CM4 that fitted in that old SODIMM slot. Hence the CM4S – “loosely based on the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B,” according to the company.

A CM4SLite variant also turned up – seemingly earlier this year – , supplied without the eMMC storage fitted, but 1GB of RAM was all that was available at launch. 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB variants are now also in the line-up. Prices start at $25 per unit, and the boards are supplied only in 200-unit boxes.

The Compute Module has proven to be a popular device for industrial users, with a fair few turning up in hardware such as digital signage. As such, the concept of a drop-in replacement has a certain appeal.

The Raspberry Pi team said the device was for customers “who are looking to retain the same form factor but would like greater computing power and more memory.”

Well, it’s almost the same form factor. In the hardware documentation [PDF], the team notes: “The CM4S SoC has a slightly increased z-height over the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3.”

While the new hardware is welcome, a Compute Module variant of the Raspberry Pi 5 has yet to be released. Pi supremo Eben Upton told The Register that the hardware design was complete, and the company was still aiming for release in the second half of 2024.

However, he said, “Realistically I think we’re looking at the end of Q3 for general availability.” ®

Raspberry Pi adds more memory to the Compute Module 4S • The Register

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