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Krea AI releases AI video generator with keyframe support

Krea AI releases AI video generator with keyframe support


Krea wants to give its users more control over their AI videos through an intuitive interface.

Krea AI has now released its AI video creation feature to the public. The main difference from other video generators is that you can feed the model with keyframes in addition to text prompts and images. This supposedly makes it easier to decide which image content should be shown in the video and for how long.

The editor consists of two parts: Keyframes and Text Prompts. In the first, users can click on the desired position in the video to insert an image, which can either be uploaded manually or generated in seconds by Krea’s own image generator. Users can roll the dice to have the system suggest appropriate prompts.

Krea AI releases AI video generator with keyframe support
Image: Krea AI

The second line is for text prompts that describe the scene as a whole and, unlike the input images, can be adjusted in length.



The maximum length of a clip is quite short at ten seconds. During a test, it took me about 90 seconds to create a five-second clip with six reference images as keyframes.

The finished video can be downloaded in MP4 format, but the resolution is quite low at 1,024 x 576 pixels, and 15 frames per second isn’t very smooth.

Video: Krea prompted by THE DECODER

In addition to the Timeline, where users can enter prompts and keyframes, Krea Video offers a few additional options. In the settings, users can choose between different aspect ratios (16:9, 3:2, 1:1, 2:3, 9:16), adjust the intensity of the motion, and specify whether the video should be an endless loop. There are also four styles to choose from: Film, Render, Animation and Experimental.

The Krea Video feature is now available to all registered users for a limited free trial. For more credits, a pro membership is available for a minimum of ten US dollars per month.


Krea AI started in 2022 as a database of AI image prompts, but has since expanded its site to include many other creative AI tools. In January, Krea AI released its real-time editor, which allows users to create images from text prompts and remove backgrounds and objects. This was followed by an update to the Enhance feature, which allows users to generate more detailed images.

There is no word on the background of the company, which claims to employ between two and ten people on LinkedIn. Unlike other AI startups such as Stability AI, Krea AI has not yet published any technical papers on its architecture or training material for its models.

Krea AI releases AI video generator with keyframe support

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