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AI music app Udio rolls out new features and subscription plan

AI music app Udio rolls out new features and subscription plan


AI music startup Udio has rolled out several new features, including audio inpainting and longer context windows for improved music creation. Udio also announced details of its new subscription plans.

With the new “Audio Inpainting” tool, users can now seamlessly edit and refine sections of their music tracks, Udio says. To use Audio Inpainting, you select a section of a track, which is then repainted based on the surrounding audio context. This makes it easier to edit individual vocal lines, fix mistakes or smooth transitions between sections, according to the company.

Audio Inpainting is still experimental and will be further developed in the coming weeks, Udio notes. The feature is available to Udio subscribers now, but only in the desktop app.

In response to user feedback, Udio has also added the ability to adjust the size of the context window when expanding a track. Users can now specify how much of the previous audio is “audible” when generating the next clip, ranging from one second to about two minutes.



This allows Udio to reference and repeat audio from earlier in the track for more consistent choruses. Shorter context windows are useful for creating abrupt style changes in a song. The option can be found under “Advanced Control” in the extension mode of the app.

Udio has increased the maximum track length to 15 minutes as well. This makes it possible to create long progressive tracks or extended trance mixes.

You can also listen to this news as an Udio song.

Udio subscription plan launched

In addition to the new features, Udio has launched its new subscription plans. The Udio Standard subscription, priced at $10 per month, includes 1,200 credits per month. This is enough to create approximately 1,200 thirty-second music clips, according to the company.

For power users, Udio offers the Pro subscription with 4,800 credits per month for $30. Annual Pro subscriptions are 20% off.


Both Standard and Pro subscribers get access to priority music creation and Udio’s most advanced creative features. They can also upload custom cover art and user avatars.

Udio is keeping its free plan, which includes 100 credits per month and daily top-ups of 10 credits that must be used that same day. Existing users will be automatically upgraded to the free plan and will receive a bonus of 400 credits as a thank you, the company says.

AI music app Udio rolls out new features and subscription plan

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